What does the future of mobile gambling apps hold?

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Advances in mobile technology present some of the most exciting possibilities for the future of online gambling, with apps being a big part of that future. Not long ago we couldn’t even access casino games on our smartphones or tablets, now there’s a huge range of mobile games available, including pokies, blackjack, roulette, video poker and even live dealer games.

As new trends and new technologies make their way to the market, the online casino industry is keeping its fingers on the pulse so as to not miss a beat, enabling punters to enjoy the best that current advances have to offer. Looking forward, the future of gambling apps looks incredibly promising.

Casino apps currently available

To understand what the future of mobile gambling apps has in store it’s important to consider the types of apps that are currently available.

Web apps/browser apps – Web apps are apps that are custom created using a valid mobile casino. They can generally be accessed using a huge range of devices as specific software isn’t required, all that’s needed is a device with Internet access that’s Flash, HTML5 or Java enabled. Web/browser apps work by using your mobile device to head to an online casino, bringing up your devices in-browser settings and selecting ‘add to home page.’ An icon will be sent to your devices home screen so all you need to do for instant access to that casino is to tap on the icon anytime you’re connected to the Internet either via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

Native casino apps – native apps are the kind that require a download to your phone or tablet, like the ones accessed through Apples App Store or Google Play. The choice of native casino apps is limited, but the Royal Vegas Casino and 32Red casino apps are both two of the best secure apps from reputable sites that have our recommendation. To download either of these native apps using an iOS or Android operated system simply click on the links below using your smartphone or tablet and follow the prompts.

Apps for wearable technology devices

Wearable technology is the biggest thing in the tech world at the moment, with devices like the iGlasses, Google Glass and the Apple Watch presenting the brightest of possibilities for the future of gambling apps. These wearable technologies are all in their infancy and are still only utilised by the most tech crazy and gadget loving consumers but that’s sure to change in the future as more apps and games become optimised for wearable devices and their user-friendliness improves.

At BlackjackApps.com.au we like to dream of a future where fully immersive blackjack casino apps are available in the form of wearable technology. Imagine being able to slip on a headset or just a plain looking pair of eye glasses and be transported to a virtual 3D blackjack table, where you’re sitting on your couch but feel exactly like you’re sitting in a land based casino. This may seem like a bogus reality, but live dealer gaming didn’t exist a few years ago and look at it now.

Perhaps it isn’t so far-fetched to imagine a not so distant future where casino apps within wearable devices allow us to have a realistically simulated online gambling experience just like playing at a bricks and mortar establishment.

Increasing beacon technology

Expanding beacon technology brings some potentially powerful possibilities for online casinos in regards to marketing their services and promotions to casino app users. For those not in the know, beacon technology is a kind of Bluetooth device that works in a similar way to the location service installed within your smartphone or tablet.

When this technology is enabled within a mobile device, online operators and retail providers are able to directly notify the mobile owner of certain specials or information when the customer enters a certain locale. For example, a customer with an iBeacon service may enter a supermarket and receive a notification on their phone of a sale on a particular item of food within that store. It’s a form of direct marketing that’s targeted specifically to interested customers and in its short existence has been proven to be highly effective.

While beacon technology doesn’t yet relate to the online casino industry, the rise of this concept is predicted to have a huge impact on retailers and operators as far as offering deals and specials direct to existing customers. It’s too early to predict how (and if) this may be utilised by the online gambling world, but for an industry making a conscious effort to stay on the ball of emerging trends and technologies, we wouldn’t count it out entirely.

Enhanced security for downloadable apps

The native apps we recommend, Royal Vegas Casino and 32Red, are highly reputable and use the highest of safety standards, but unfortunately many less reputable operators often fail to live up to the required app security standards.

In fact, it’s estimated that in 2015 75% of all mobile apps will fail basic security tests as developers are more concerned with the apps functionality than its security. Because of this, security threats actually arise from the failure of the app developers to properly secure data rather than an attack from a third party or hacker.

This is all set to change, with huge developments scheduled for mobile application security and testing to help app developers offer much tighter security. This holds great potential for the future of gambling apps, helping to ease the concerns of any online user when it comes to handing out personal financial information to vendors.