Why You Should Not Play Split Numbers In Roulette

Splitting should be left for the blackjack strategist and avoided for the roulette player, especially if you are a beginner since it is a strategy involving an inside bet.

But for the experienced thrill seeker who like to dabble in a risk or two, we explain why the split bet is not a risk that is worthwhile despite the 17:1 payout, and offer some alternative strategies for you to try.

What is the split bet?

Split bets, also known as the two number bet, fall under the inside bet category. Inside bets mean bets located within the layout on the table and have small odds in terms of winning, but large payouts if you do. In other words, you’re less likely to win but more attracted to putting these bets on due to their large payouts.

A split bet involves literally splitting your chip in-between two numbers, horizontally or vertically, so that you are betting on both numbers, such as 22 and 23.

There is a strategy involved with the split bet, but we are sceptical since there is a 2:37, or 5.41%, chance of winning on European roulette, or for American roulette a 2:38 chance, or 5.26% chance of winning on a split bet.

These odds are very high and thus do not make the following strategy a worthwhile one.

Outside bets, in comparison, have larger odds in terms of winning but pay less. The latter type of bets are recommended for new players so they aren’t doomed from the beginning and ultimately turned off from the game forever.

What is the roulette split bet strategy?

There are many roulette strategies, each with their own special system. This one involves the split bet, which means it is a strategy incorporating an incredibly high house edge. This is known as the Kavouras strategy.

Kavouras involves players first up using 20 numbers which is said to give players a chance to win consistently and void an extended losing streak. Players then randomly place numbers to make the bets look chaotic, this is purely for appearance.

From here, they bet different amounts on the different pairs of numbers to create small wins and significant wins. Finally, players make bets which have profits on every number as there are no strategies in place to make up for any large losses.

This strategy, however, does not reduce the house edge. So while it says it’s covering the chance to win consistently, in the end you have to be mindful that it is a game of pure luck.

Why you shouldn’t split two numbers in roulette

While the strategy may work for some, when it comes to the simple split bet, we advise against it. With a house edge of either 5.26% or 5.41% depending on which game (European or American roulette) you are playing, the likelihood of winning is low, while there are other bets, such as the even money outside bets which offer more chances of consistent wins.

While experienced strategists and gamblers of roulette may find a system that involves split bets, if you are after consistent wins split betting is unlikely to give you that outcome.

Best roulette strategies

As we mentioned before there are numerous roulette strategies, even involving the split bet, however we have found some of the best strategies for those who don’t want to try that bet and are after systems which offer consistent wins.

Labouchere system – Also known as the cancellation strategy, this is good for those who have a set goal to reach in terms of their overall winnings. So if you want to win say $100 at the end of the day you could set your unit value to be $20 then divide this into smaller numbers by five and end up with 2 4 6 4 4, with the total adding to 20 (your unit value). Then during gameplay if you get these numbers you cross them off a list and if you cross them all off then you have won your total goal winnings. This system works on even money bets such as the outside bets which include red or black, even or odd, etc. The downside to this system is that losing streaks can set you back and force players to make larger goals than anticipated which isn’t what any player needs.

The Martingale strategy – A strategy designed for players who aren’t playing for a long time. Players make a standard bet, such as $10, on an even money bet. Then whenever you win you make the same bet, so $10, on the next spin; but double your bet, so $20, if you lose. Eventually, it is said you will have a profit of the amount of your initial bet, so for this example $10, even after a series of losses, once you get a series of winning streaks. However, if you lose too many times you may not have enough money to double your bets and end up losing it all and that is why it is only advised to use in the short term.

Paroli Progression – Paroli works with the main aim of getting three wins in a row. This almost is a reverse of the Martingale system in that you double your bet when you win, rather than when you lose. You can choose to bet on inside bets but it is much easier to bet on the outside bets. This one is better for long term use as the losses are smaller and the wins can be bigger.

These strategies ultimately coincide with how lucky you are since they don’t lower the house edge. They are just better to use than a split bet strategy since the odds on winning on outside bets are much better than they are for split bets. They don’t guarantee you a win, so be mindful of your bankroll when playing roulette online or at land-based casinos.

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