How to make instantaneous deposits with Visa

Using Visa when depositing at online casinos is not only one of the safest options, but one of the fastest. Visa has a reputation for being one of the most secure options to fund Internet casino accounts with, but if we are playing at reliable casinos such as the many we recommend, our primary focus is depositing the money fast so we can get playing as soon as possible. Visa is one of the best method to makes this happen instantly.

What makes Visa a trustworthy payment method?

Visa is considered to be one of the most trustworthy payment options by millions of people both online and offline, at both gambling and non-gambling sites and outlets. Its reputation is recognised worldwide and is therefore widely accepted at a number of regulated casinos, such as the many we recommend.

How is Visa so fast to deposit funds at casinos?

When you make a deposit at a regulated online casino with Visa and fill out the information correctly, your funds are instantly processed; there is no waiting time for the money to clear. So you will be able to get playing immediately, and your card will be billed within 24 to 48 hours.

Regardless if you opt for Visa credit, Visa debit, or Visa prepaid, provided you have the funds and have entered the name on card, the card number, the expiry date and the CVV, correctly your funds will be processed immediately. This means Visa is one of the fastest deposit methods to opt for.

How to make a Visa deposit even faster

While depositing with Visa at online casinos is incredibly quick, you can actually make the process even faster.

When you deposit for the first time, you can opt to store your card details with the online casino. Since you are playing at a regulated online casino (if you have chosen from our list of recommended sites) you can safely opt to store your card details and every time you go to top up, all you will have to enter is your CVV, which is the three digit code on the back of your card.

This means you can simply enter the amount you want to deposit, the CVV number, and confirm, and that’s all you have to do to make a quick deposit.

Which Visa method is the fastest?

There are three available Visa methods to pick from when making a deposit at regulated Internet casinos.

  • Visa credit
  • Visa debit
  • Visa prepaid

Visa credit can be considered the fastest method as you can make a deposit even if you don’t have funds in your account (though it is only advised to do this if you can pay the money back so you don’t end up with unwanted debt). However, each method is equally as quick at processing your funds provided there aren’t any factors that slow the process down.

What can slow down a Visa deposit?

There are some factors that will slow down the deposit process when using Visa, which we detail below.

Incorrect details: Entering the wrong details, such as even entering just a single digit of your card number incorrectly can slow down the deposit process. It will either instantly be declined, which won’t slow the process down significantly, or it can go through only to be declined after 24 to 48 hours meaning a significant delay to how quick the actual process is. Always double check what you have entered is correct.

Insufficient funds: If you are depositing with a debit or prepaid card and don’t have the sufficient amount of funds available your transaction won’t be processed and it will slow the deposit down. Check that you have the funds before trying to deposit.

Financial institutions and their policies on gambling: Some financial institutions do not accept gambling transactions, despite the fact you are using Visa. This means your funds will not be processed and you won’t be able to make a deposit. You can check to see if your financial institution is accepted by reading your policy, or you can give it a go but you may incur a fee if it does process. This fee is known as the Advance Cash Rate fee, which some financial institutions incur for gambling transactions.

What about withdrawal times with Visa?

Withdrawal times are a lot slower in comparison to depositing but withdrawing with Visa is one of the fastest options. You can only withdraw with Visa credit and Visa debit, since Visa pre-paid cards are disposable.

The processing time for withdrawals can be anywhere from three to seven days, depending on your financial institution and the online casino. Additionally, the web casino can have a reverse withdrawal pending hold of anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours, which allows you to cancel the withdrawal within a period of time incase you want to play with the money, but this slows the process down further.

Only deposit with Visa at regulated casinos

We know we have mentioned this many times, but it is incredibly important to only make deposits at online casinos that have been verified as responsible and fair.

If you play at a rogue online casino that isn’t regulated by third party organisations because it states a Visa deposit and withdrawal will be processed quickly, you could be leaving yourself open to a scam. Therefore you should play at a regulated online casino, such as the many we suggest to avoid this scenario from occurring.

Overall, Visa is a fast deposit option, but it is also important to stay safe when playing online with real money.