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It’s perfectly reasonable for punters to be concerned about the level of security provided by online casinos. At we only recommend casinos that utilise the highest level of player protection and Internet security systems, and we’ll take you through those systems so you have a clearer understanding of just how safe you are when gambling online.

SSL – Secure Socket Layer

You’ll often hear us advising players to ensure any online casino they play at is using a minimum of 128 Bit SSL Certificate security. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a type of technology used to establish an encrypted link between a server and the client. In layman’s terms, it scrambles information transmitted between a user and the website so that no third party has the ability to access that information. SSL encryption means that sensitive information like credit card details, personal login credentials, passwords, banking information etc. can be safely transmitted without the possibility of being intercepted by a hacker.

SSL Security is the most widely used and technically developed security protocol in today’s marketplace. It’s the highest level of online security available and is the same level of unbreakable protection enabled by leading financial institutions like Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac. Sites using this security system can be trusted for online payments and it is utilised by all of our recommended casinos.

SSL works by not just protecting real money gamblers from playing games safely and making secure deposits and withdrawals, but protects all users when searching the Web in general. SSL security is also used by online retailers, PayPal, airline booking sites, reservation services and ticket booking agencies. Any reputable company that takes credit card details, personal or financial information from a customer should have a minimum of 128 Bit SSL Security registered on their website in order for customers to know their personal data is safe.

How to tell if a casino is using SSL security?

So we’ve established that any casino using SSL has the stamp of approval, but how can you tell if a casino is using SSL? Thankfully, this is easy to determine. Unlike standard web browsing on sites that utilise a http:// URL address, sites using SSL security come with an additional ‘s’ in the URL and can therefore be identified by a URL that starts with https://. When a site is using SSL a padlock icon will also appear on the URL bar. If the padlock symbol does not show, this indicates that the site is not using a proper SSL certificate.

The difference with these URLs is that http:// sites are unsecured and uses port 80 by default, while SSL protected https:// sites use port 443 by default.

Some sites have made it even easier for players to determine whether the portal is secure by utilising Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. This additional service produces visible display indicators, where in addition to a https:// URL and padlock icon, the entire URL bar turns green to let the user know the site is 100% protected.

Note: taking this information into account, you may be confused when you head to the home page of a casino to find that it simply uses an http:// URL (for example, and does not include the padlock symbol. Don’t let this put you off, as it’s the payment and login pages that particularly need to be protected by an SSL certificate, while simply browsing through home pages and game catalogues are of no threat to your personal details. You’ll notice if you then head to the sites cashier or registration section, the secure https:// URL and lock icon will now appear.

eCOGRA ‘Safe and Fair’ seal of approval

At you’ll also hear mention of reputable casinos being certified by eCOGRA. eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is the online gambling industry’s leading authority in player protection and operational standards. This London based organisation has independent authority to ensure online casinos are running securely and fairly, while supporting responsible gambling practices.

Casinos receiving eCOGRA’s ‘Safe and Fair’ seal of approval must comply with requirements regarding protection, fair gaming and responsible operator behaviour. If you see the eCOGRA Safe and Fair stamp you know that the casino has undergone various security checks, software testing, procedural monitoring and extensive reporting to ensure the ultimate in player protection. All the casinos recommended on our site are certified by eCOGRA.