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Gamblers who use the second-tier software companies might think there’s nothing new under the Sun when it comes to roulette. They’re used to see European single-zero and American double-zero games everywhere, and probably think the French bets are about as exotic as it gets. In actuality, the best online casino software design companies are always experimenting with a new style of playing. Some of what’s offered is good, some is bad, and some is just downright bizarre. Over time, a few top games gain enough popularity to become part of these top development teams’ permanent software packages.

This page look sat the new online roulette games on the market right now. We focus on four particular games. These should give readers a good idea of the full breadth of possibilities. Roulette players may read below and never play another spin at their more limited, hidebound online casinos.

Multi-Player Diamond Edition

Our favourite new form of roulette right now is the Multiplayer Diamond Edition from Microgaming. Multi-player roulette restores the game to the way it’s played in a land-based casino. Sure, you’ll find tables with no one but yourself, but that’s not nearly as fun as playing alongside a handful of fellow gamblers. Social gaming is a big trend these days, because it can’t all be about the bets themselves. Make a few friends while you make a few wagers.

The Diamond Edition allows gamblers to gamble every 20, 40, or 60 seconds. If you don’t want to have to go through the same ritual of placing chips every new hand, instead select the auto-play feature to let you set your chips in the right spots automatically. Another aspect of this software which is top-notch is the “3D wheel zoom” feature. This allows gamblers to view the game from their favourite position, enhancing your enjoyment of the action. Multi-Player Diamond Edition provides a better view, easier play options, and better company while you gamble. The maximum wager on the Diamond Edition is $500, while the minimum wager is $1.

Multi Wheel European Gold

Pokies had their multiple paylines first. Then virtual poker machines offered multi-spin games. Then twenty-one game designers provided multi-hand blackjack. It was only natural we eventually would be able to play multi-spin roulette. In this version from Microgaming, gamblers not only get to play multiple spins at once, but they also receive advanced sounds and graphics.

In multi-wheel European Gold roulette, players can enjoy up to 8 spins at once. You might wonder how this game looks on your computer’s video monitor. You’ll see eight wheels spinning at the same time, which is a visual challenge for most people to follow. The game being played is the standard European roulette from Microgaming. The house edge is 2.7%. The software uses the Gold Series from Microgaming, so you’ll receive cutting edge graphics, sounds, and game play. Not only is the interface easy to use, but you’ll be able to use an advanced player history to research past spins and see what’s trending.

Knowledgeable gambler are going to spot a number of logical fallacies in the preceding paragraph. People who understand true random number generators know there’s no pattern to discern. Trying to find the trends is like telling the future from the flight of birds or the clouds passing overhead. You’re trying to add order to chaos, but it’s not there. Avoid the gambler’s fallacy of thinking the law of averages is about to turn in your favour, because no such law applies to you (or gambling on random results). Also, multi-spin roulette exposes you to the house edge eight times faster, if you don’t alter your betting patterns. Add up all the money wagered at once to determine what your bet should be. Don’t treat these as separate bets or you could lose a lot of money quickly.

Roulette Royale

The Roulette Royale Royal Progressive game provides a player with a chance to enjoy their favourite spinning wheel game, but with a progressive jackpot component. Gamblers might be thinking they’ve never heard of progressives being added to spinning wheel games. They might wonder about the mechanics of such a wager. To win the progressive, the same number has to appear five times in a row.

You might be thinking that’s impossible. It is highly improbable. The odds of the same number coming up on a roulette wheel five times in a row are astronomical. Of course, it’s no less likely to hit than a royal flush in video poker or the right combination on the 50th payline in the pokies. The whole idea of progressive jackpots are they almost never hit, so the person who wins them receives a lottery-style jackpot payout.

The Royal Progressive game from Microgaming goes one better. Anytime the same numbers appears a second time, you get paid a special bonus payout. The winning number doesn’t even have to be the one you wagered on. This payout is much more attainable. Any number that wins on a European wheel is going to have a 1 in 37 chance of repeating, so every 37 spins or so, you receive an additional win bonus.

The progressive jackpot combined with spinning wheel gambling is novel enough that it seems new, even though this game is ten years old. What is new about Roulette Royale is that it’s now offered at mobile gaming casinos as an Android smartphone game. Go to Platinum Play Mobile or Vegas Palms Mobile, download their Droid app, and start gambling for real money using your Android phone.

Premier Roulette

If you want something truly new, try Premier Roulette. This game offers a combination of the games on this page, but it also offers so much more. The game has called bets. It offers a doubling down opportunity. An expert mode allows for analysis of what’s happened so far. Turbo play is offered. It offers AUD 25 cent wagers. For high rollers, the Premier Gold game offers a $1000 bet. The game is so flexible it should appeal to almost anyone.

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