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Microgaming roulette is considered the best in the industry. While most casinos offer 2 or 3 versions of this venerable game, Microgaming offers nine versions. This includes single-zero, double-zero, French bets, enhanced graphics, progressive bets, multi-player, and multi-wheel gaming. Imagine a new way to gamble on the wheels and Microgaming probably has a version of the game for your tastes.

Gold Series Gaming

Before we start, we want to define a few terms. “Gold Series” is the name given by Microgaming to their enhanced sounds and graphics. This software upgrade also gives the punter more options when looking up your own personal bet history. If you play a Gold Series game, you’re playing the best Microgaming has to offer in that category. Players might wonder why they would be asked to gamble on anything less. The bet limit is still greater on the original unenhanced version of these games, so high rollers might prefer the older games. We find it strange that the high dollar gamblers wouldn’t receive the best software considerations, but Microgaming may think the high rollers are less impressed with sounds and graphics and want a hard-core game with a better house edge.

European – Single-Zero

European roulette is the most popular form of the game in the world. It’s what is played in Monte Carlo and across Europe. In fact, outside of North American, the Euro version is what you’ll expect to play most places in the world. It’s also called “single-zero”, because it has the numbers 1 through 36, along with one “0” slot or pocket. This produces the house edge in the game, because most bets in the game are automatic losses when the ball lands in the zero pocket.

The standard house edge on this game is 2.7%. The house edge is 1.35% when you play using the imprisonment (“en prison”) or of-the-parts (“la partage”) rules. Both these stipulations apply only to the even-money (1:1) wagers like red/black, hi/lo, and even/odd. If you are given the chance to play using la partage or imprisonment rules, always take them, because it’s always to your advantage. When you do, only place the even-money wagers, or else you’ll be playing under the old rules where the house edge is still 2.7%. The betting limit on Microgaming European roulette range between $1 and $2,000.

European Gold

This game uses the single-zero wheels with the enhanced graphics, sounds, and game play. Once again, you can research the trends a little better when playing this version of the game.

In a lot of ways, the Gold option allows a player to have quicker access to the electronic results screen you’ll see at roulette tables these days, which show the outcome of the last 10 to 20 spins. Don’t put too much stock into these results, since the random number generator assures no two spins have any connection whatsoever. The RNG produces thousands of results per second and spits out your result the instant you click the spin button. No pattern of any kind can be discerned and, furthermore, the law of averages don’t apply to the outcomes. This is a fact: the odds of hitting red don’t change if you hit black the last five times. They don’t change if you hit red the last five times. Nothing that happened on the previous spin affects what’s going to happen next spin. The min bet on European Gold is $1 and the max bet is$50.

Multi Wheel European Gold

Multi-wheel gaming is the latest, trendiest way to play. When you play in this mode, you’ll see up to eight wheels spinning at once. The gambler is able to play eight times faster than they otherwise would, so the chances of hitting a win increase as you play. This is somewhat like getting an extra patty on your burger, though. It sounds good in theory and might even increase the excitement level, but it’s unhealthy for you. The casino enjoys a house edge on the single-zero game, so it’s not in your best interest to play multiple spins at one time.

If you are wagering the same amount you would on a single-spin game, you could end up losing a lot of money. Instead, take the bet you normally make on a single-spin game and divide it by the number of wheels spinning. Because you’re likely to win one or more of the spins, you can still have the feeling of winning without risking more money. This might produce something similar to the 50-line or 100-payline pokies, where you get a lot of winning spins which don’t pay the cost of a new game.

The bet limits on this game are set at a $1 minimum bet and a $500 maximum wager.

French – Called Bets

French roulette is another game popular in Monte Carlo. It’s a game for high rollers and people who know the game well, because it involves called bets or announced bets. Not only do you call the wager out to the croupier, but you have to place a complicated set of bets to make money of these plays (usually with chips on 5 or more locations). Examples of wagers in this game include zero game (“jeu zero”), neighbours of zero (“voisin du zero”), thirds of the wheel (“le tiers du cylindre”), orphans (“orhelins”0), neighbours, final bets, and full completes (also known as “maximums”).

The full complete bet is a particular favourite of high rollers, because it requires the placement of 40 bets at once, which lets a gambler max out their wagering potential to its most extreme form. It can be a wonder to see all the chips on this wager placed. In Microgaming casinos, the French bets have a bet range between $2 and $500.

French Gold

French Gold is called betting with enhanced graphics and sounds. The Gold Series provides for a high entertainment level. Roulette is an appealing game, because the spinning motion is a bit mesmerising. Adding enhanced graphics only increases that quality on the computer screen. Of course, you can choose to eliminate the spin for the most part in an online casino game, but we don’t recommend that. One, it would hardly be the spinning wheel game you’ve played all these years. Two, you would expose yourself to the house edge at a far faster rate.

American – Double Zero

This version is what you’ll find in Las Vegas and most other places in North America. While this “double-zero” game was the way the game was originally played, it’s also far inferior. A second green zero slot is added to the wheel (“00”), which almost doubles the house edge. In essence, this creates two slots on the wheel which are automatic losses on most wagers. For this reason, you should never play this game in a Microgaming online casino. Notice Microgaming doesn’t even bother to offer a Gold Series version of this game. The min bet is $1 on the American game, while the top bet is $2,000.

Multi-Player Diamond Edition

The multiplayer Diamond Edition version restores the game to the way it’s played in a live casino. This lets you play alongside other gamblers, chatting with them as you make your wagers. The game can be set to 20 second, 40 second, and 60 second wagers. Use live chat to see whether the other gamblers are winning or not. Use the auto-play feature if you choose to enjoy a low intensity form of gambling. The 3D wheel zoom feature provides some of the best graphics yet in a virtual spinning wheel game.

Premier Roulette

Premier is in many ways the pinnacle of Microgaming’s roulette platform. This offers the most options for gaming, including called bets, turbo play, full statistics, and the doubling of wagers. Also, you can edit the layout to your gambling needs, while customizing your table to have it look exactly as you see fit. Use the Expert Mode to know all the trends of the game. This game should be called Premier Gold, though you’ll see affiliates refer to it as such at times. In keeping with its promise of offering the most flexibility, the minimum wagers on this game are $0.25 and the maximum wagers are $1000.

Royal Progressive

Royal Roulette offers the classic game with a progressive side bet. Each time the game is played without the accumulated jackpot being hit, more money is placed in the pot and the jackpot progressives another bit. The main bet still has the same house edge you would expect from the single-zero variant. The side bet has a higher house edge, but it offers a chance for you to walk away from the session with a life-changing jackpot.