MasterCard fast fund transfers

If you are playing at a regulated online casino, chances are you are considering depositing with MasterCard as it is one of the most secure payment methods, but is it one of the fastest? Yes.

MasterCard, along with Visa, is considered to be one of the speediest deposit options to use at Web casinos. So if you want to see your funds appear almost immediately in your casino account once you have made a deposit, opt for MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid cards.

Why is MasterCard a secure payment method?

MasterCard garnered a reputation before the Internet was even introduced, and was actually called Interbank and Master Change from 1966 to 1979. MasterCard has become globally recognised from the US, where it was established, to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and even Russia, both online and offline and is considered to be one of the best payment methods.

Additionally, MasterCard implements security measures for online users to ensure all online transactions are secure, which we detail below.

MasterCard security code: All MasterCard cards feature a three digit security code on the back, which is known as the CVV or CVC. When making a deposit you are required to enter this along with your name on card, the number, and the expiry date.

SecureCode: SecureCode by MasterCard offers an extra layer of security, but you do need to opt in for this feature at your local branch. You will receive a password that you will need to enter when completing a purchase, or making a deposit as we are here. This ensures that even if someone gets a hold of your card, they won’t be able to make a transaction online as they will need that extra password. It is important to note, that SecureCode is only available for credit and debit cards.

Due to the high level of security involved, many regulated online casinos offer MasterCard for players to utilise when making a deposit.

Why is MasterCard a fast casino funding method?

MasterCard is an incredibly fast card deposit method as there is no waiting time for your funds to clear. You simply fill out the details of your credit, debit, or prepaid MasterCard and your funds will go through, provided you haven’t run into some factors that can slow the process down, which we will detail below.

The amount will then be billed to your card with 24 to 28 hours, while you get playing straight away.

Factors that slow a MasterCard deposit down

Incorrect details: This is a simple mistake that can be fixed quickly, or it can lengthen the deposit process significantly. When filling out your details, if you enter even a digit of your card number wrong then the transaction will either be instantly declined, or it can take 24-48 hours to be picked up before it is declined. If it goes through, but you can’t access your funds in your account this could be why.

Always double check your details when making a deposit.

Insufficient funds: If you don’t have enough money in your account, your transaction won’t go through and you won’t be able to play. Check you have enough before making the deposit so you don’t slow the process down.

Financial institution’s gambling policies: There are some financial institutions that do not allow gambling transactions, despite owning a MasterCard, and therefore your deposit will not be processed. Others allow it, but can charge a fee known as the Advance Cash Rate for gambling transactions. Read your bank’s policy and opt for a MasterCard prepaid card if you want to avoid either of these scenarios.

Make a MasterCard deposit even faster

MasterCard is an incredibly fast deposit option, but you can make it even faster by opting to store your card at the online casino. Then every time you top up, all you have to enter is the CVV and the amount you wish to deposit to fund your account.

This means you don’t have to keep filling out all the required fields each time you want to make a deposit.

Which MasterCard method is the fastest?

Whether you have a MasterCard credit, debit, or prepaid card, your funds will all be processed at the same rate provided you don’t run into any of the aforementioned issues.

MasterCard credit can be a bit faster since you won’t run into the problem of having insufficient funds, but ensure you can pay any debt you incur back before you make the deposit.

Secure MasterCard deposits at regulated casinos

While MasterCard is a secure and an incredibly fast option it is still important that you play at regulated online casinos, such as the many we recommend.

This is due to the fact they have each undergone an intense investigation into their operations to ensure they have a secure environment for players to make a deposit. This means when you do deposit with MasterCard, no one can hack into the casino and steal your details, and you will be able to play straight away.

Can I withdraw using MasterCard?

Many online casinos do not accept withdrawals to MasterCard, though you may be able to opt to make the withdrawal to Maestro, which is a debit card under the branch of MasterCard.

If MasterCard is accepted, it can take from 48 to 72 hours to be processed, and sometimes longer depending if there is a a reverse withdrawal hold period imposed, that many online casinos have.