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Something about casino games makes people think there must be a surefire way to beat the house. It’s human nature to look for patterns even when presented with mathematical evidence that no such method exists. There is no one way to win at this particular casino table game, but there are things you can do to make your gambling more profitable and more fun. Follow this advice and you’ll find yourself happier playing any casino game.

Find the Best Odds
The best way to win at any casino game is to place the bets that offer you the best odds. Even-money bets pay the least in winnings but are also the safest bets.

The best odds for this game exist on European-style wheels with the ‘en prison’ rule in effect. You don’t necessarily have to fly to Europe to find the best odds; just about every Australian casino or casino outside of America offers plenty of European-style roulette wheels and a Surrender rule on American games that is similar to ‘en prison.’ If you want to win more often, you just have to play at the tables that offer the best rules. Thankfully for citizens of Australia and New Zealand, our casinos tend to provide European games far more often than the less advantageous American variety.

Avoid Gambling Systems
If you pay for roulette advice or a roulette strategy on the Internet, you’re already blowing your chances at coming out on top. Endless gambling strategies and can’t-lose eBooks exist promising a profit. Because of the math behind roulette, all these strategies will do is sap your cash flow and fill your head with nonsense.

If you sit down with a pencil and notepad and do some basic math, you’ll see that there’s no magic way to beat this classic casino game. Basic gambling math shows that the likelihood of losing on seven even-money bets in a row is 1 in 90. What that means for the gambler is that at least once every 90 spins of the wheel you are likely to face a bad losing streak.

A Winning Secret
If you examine the betting surface, you’ll notice that all the wagers you can place give the casino the same edge, except for one. This bet isn’t available on European-style wheels, so this secret only applies to American-style wheels. The bet known as “5 numbers” is a sucker bet: this bet is a wager placed on 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 all at the same time, and it pushes house edge above 7%.

Here’s another winning trick that never fails: get lucky. If you happen to be lucky and place the right bet at the right time, you’ll find yourself a winner. Since there is no way to gain an advantage in roulette, luck is the best way to win.

Negative Expectation Games
Since you’re playing a negative expectation game, remember that the longer you play the game, the more likely it is that you will lose. A house edge of even 1.5% means that over time the casino will take all your money.

Monetize Your Gambling
One way to win a little extra cash from your roulette play would be to turn your gaming sessions into a website or a blog. Since you can’t beat the casino, telling the world about your trips to Sydney casinos or casino-resorts in Las Vegas or other gambling Meccas could turn into a money-making enterprise, thanks to ads on your site. The revenue you earn from people checking out your gambling stories can help fatten your bankroll; after all, gambling is a popular niche on the Internet, and there are plenty of people searching for stories and advice on how to play casino games.

Winning: A Breakdown
Human beings will always try to beat casinos. The strategy for winning at the Devil’s wheel is the same as the strategy for any casino game:
1. Hit a lucky streak. There’s no way to know when this will happen and no way to influence the outcome of the game, so cross your fingers and hope for a win.
2. Avoid can’t-lose strategies and gambling tricks. They don’t work.
3. Quit when you get ahead of the casino.
If you just follow those three simple pieces of advice, you will be much more likely to win at just about any casino game. People who are looking for a perfect way to win at the roulette table are on a hopeless quest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t behave a certain way to increase your chances of winning. Making yourself familiar with the rules of the table you’re playing at and keeping track of your winnings are the best ways to win at this classic casino table game.