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Trusting a computerised outcome with what happens with our money was once unheard of, but with the introduction of Random Number Generators (RNGs) the result determined is as random as it would be with a human element involved -though there are exceptions.

With the reliance on RNGs in nearly all of our online casino games, it can mean players have to learn to trust that computer determination is indeed random, provided the Internet casino is trustworthy. The best way to understand this concept is to learn what exactly they are, how they work, and why it is important to choose trustworthy gaming establishments when playing online with RNGs.

What are Random Number Generators?

RNGs is computerised software built for casino titles to produce a random result in order to create fair gaming. RNGs generally have a good reputation, though there are internet gaming establishments which have been created in order to rig the games in their favour, even though they claim to use 100% fair RNG software. This shouldn’t impact whether or not you play online; rather, it should make you aware and know what to look for when finding a reputable gaming establishment on the Internet.

How do RNGs work in online casino games?

RNG’s use a seed number, which is the first number in a sequence, and apply an algorithm in order to produce a new number, which then becomes the beginning of a seed. That same algorithm is applied again and produces another new number. This continues over and over again with the new number generated from the previous number.

This means unless you know what the seed number or starting number was, there is no real way to predict what exactly the number will be. There also isn’t a small amount of numbers such as 10 or 20 numbers involved, rather there are millions of numbers to draw from. This means there are countless results, all of which are random.

So for every card dealt, every dice that is rolled, and every reel that is spun, the result is random – provided it is a fair and safe online casino.

How random are Internet casino RNGs?

This ultimately comes down to the online operator and the software developer they utilise. All trustworthy Internet casinos which use top leading casino software implement RNGs which are as random as possible to ensure players are subjected to honest and fair gaming, all the while contributing to their reputation. These also help in preventing players from predicting what the results may be.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether the online casino is trustworthy or not, it is rare that true RNGs are utilised as they aren’t economical for the Internet gaming establishments. Rather, they use software called pseudo-RNGs. These are random in that the result is mimicking a random result but they use a set of algorithms which means they aren’t 100% defined as random. This doesn’t mean that the results aren’t fair and unplanned, it just means by definition it isn’t exact.

It’s only the truly dodgy and blacklisted Internet gaming establishments which program software to rip off customers and that is why we advise to do your research before playing.

What Internet casino games use RNGs?

All online casino games, except for live dealer titles, use RNG’s provided they are games certified with the software which will be found at reputable online casinos. By choosing fair games by top leading software developers, casino sites help their reputation and in turn can be accredited, gaining more and more players as a result.

While all fair and safe games use RNGs, the methods in place differs a bit. A popular method involves a clock which is computerised to select a random outcome once a player presses the button to start playing the game. A seed, as we mentioned before, is attached to a set of random numbers which is selected based on what exact millisecond the player pressed the initiation button on. This generally applies for table games, while slots differ in methodology.

With table games, every result depends on the previous one. For example, in blackjack we are using cards so the RNG system needs to take into account what card was used prior as there are only so many numbers, colours and suits in a deck of cards.

Slots, on the other hand, are completely independent from the previous result, so it can potentially occur over and over again, though this is unlikely to happen. To ensure online casinos are using this software, it’s important to find out if they are RNG certified.

What does it mean to be RNG certified?

RNG certification is accreditation which instantly details that the games offered are reliable and random. The top leading independent company which performs the review into the games as well as granting the certification is iTech Labs.

iTech Labs structure their testing around the objectives of the statistics involved in terms of randomness, the nature in association to its predictability, repetition, the cycle, and the seeding involved. The company goes through three stages to determine if the games are up to the standards of a reliable RNG system.

The first stage sees an examination of the source code and algorithms; the second involves the numbers produced by the algorithms subjected to vigorous testing; and finally the third stage where Chi-square tests are applied.

These stages not only ensure that the games are random but also that they comply with the gaming jurisdictions the Internet casino resides in. The most reputable online casinos are generally licensed by advanced gaming jurisdictions such as Malta, Isle of Man, the UK, Alderney, Kahnawake, and Gibraltar.

How to ensure the online casino is using a RNG system

RNGs are monitored and regulated by third party organisations with iTech Lab leading the way. To find out whether or not the Internet casino is RNG certified, players can scroll down to the bottom of Internet casino’s web page where a logo stating ‘RNG Certified’ will sit, if indeed it is.

However, although an online casino may be RNG certified it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a fake that will end up locking your account and stealing your winnings, as these organisations only test the games and how fair they are, not if it is a reputable and trustworthy Internet casino. That is why it is important for players to do their research and find secure and safe Internet gaming establishments.

In order to figure out whether or not it’s a reputable online casino research the jurisdiction license, preferably holding one of the aforementioned licenses; whether or not it is tested by a third party independent organisation, such as eCOGRA; read reviews by real players and not affiliates by doing a Google search and looking at online casino forums; and check out their terms and conditions.

We have done all of this and found a list of top leading online casinos which we recommend you check out if you don’t have time to perform this research yourself. They all offer RNG systems which are fair and ultimately offer the best online casino experience.

By playing at these online casinos you are protecting yourself from fraudulent behaviour, such as online operators that create a fake Internet casinos in order to steal your money. We do not believe any player, whether they are playing online or offline, should be subjected to this and therefore we spend the time researching for you.

How do I know the RNG system isn’t rigged?

The only way to really prevent yourself from playing games that have been rigged in the casino’s favour is to play at reputable online casinos as mentioned above. While some Internet casinos may claim they have been RNG certified they can easily falsify these credentials and prey on vulnerable players.

The best option is to read reviews, do the research, and play at recommended online casinos that have proven to offer reliable RNG games. This will ensure the best chance of playing fair games when playing online.

Online alternatives to RNG games

If you still aren’t convinced by the level of reliability and randomness RNG games offer, then there is an alternative -and no it doesn’t require you to head to a land-based venue. Live dealer titles implement the use of human dealers to determine the outcome, rather than RNGs. This means players can still bet from the comfort of their own home via a virtual interface, but have each outcome determined by a human dealer. This is a great option for the sceptics out there, however we still recommend playing at a reputable and trustworthy online casino.

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