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Sometimes listening to the backing sounds of our favourite online pokies on repeat can get quite irritating, or we need an upbeat soundtrack to accompany our hot streak on the live dealer online blackjack and roulette tables. We list the best albums to put on while playing your favourite real money casino games.

The Fame – Lady Gaga

Besides the obvious fact that putting this album on will create a party ambience (perfect for weekend gaming) this album features in the infamous ‘Poker Face’ track.

Gaga has noted that this song isn’t based specifically on the game of poker, but she has said before that she does gamble and while this does have other more provocative innuendos it definitely gets us in the mood to practice our bluffing.

Super Trouper – ABBA

In our wildest dreams we imagine putting this album on and then just as the ‘Winner Takes it All’ track comes on, we hit the millions on our favourite progressive – such as Mega Millions by Microgaming.

But in reality this track has nothing to do with gambling, rather it is based on a marriage ending with one still holding on, but we prefer our more positive backstory.

Curtis – 50 Cent

If you prefer rap music, or you have just seen Straight Outta Compton and find that are channelling your inner rap child then put on Curtis by 50 Cent.

Not only could the artist actually represent your wager size (on low limit tables or on the slots), but the track ‘I Get Money’ resonates well on every winning bet.

Additionally, this album was actually involved in a gamble itself as both this album, and Kayne West’s album, Graduation, were pitted against each other to compete for the highest amount of sales.

It is alleged that 50 Cent said if Kanye’s album sold more copies he would retire, but when it did he went back on these claims – if only we could do this for every losing wager we put through the slots.

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

This is potentially only aimed at a certain crowd, but the lyrics of the main track, ‘The Gambler’, on this album teaches us a few things that can not only be applied to table games, but the slots too.

Rogers tells us through his lyrics to know ‘when to walk away’, ‘when to run’ and to ‘never count your money’ – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


It might surprise you that this explosive album has some gambling advice, though not our favourite T.N.T track -but you should listen to this too if you want to add to the exciting ambience.

Here, we are actually talking about the track ‘The Jack’, where the late front man, Bon Scott, sings about how a woman who looked like she knew nothing about gambling actually beat him with a jack. First he details her hand, then he explains how she wins with the jack and an unexpected poker face.

This track is perfect for the female players who find they are often underestimated in the world of gaming.

Viva Las Vegas soundtrack – Elvis Presley

Want to turn your lounge room into a Vegas casino while spinning the reels or clicking your chips onto the table? What better way to do it then with the ‘Viva Las Vegas’ track performed by Elvis Presley. Play a classic blackjack title and you will feel like you are in Vegas.

We Started Nothing – The Ting Tings

Fan of Fruit Machines with a modern twist? This album featuring the track ‘Fruit Machine’ is perfect for you.

While it might be hard to go past the track ‘That’s Not My Name’, once you’re at ‘Fruit Machine’ you’ll put it on repeat. It is actually about a relationship but the band uses the metaphor of a Fruit Machine so just take it literally and you might learn something.

Play it while you’re spinning the reels of Starburst, by Net Entertainment, a slot with a modern take on a classic fruit machine.

An Innocent Man – Billy Joel

While the whole album is worth playing when you are placing bets, the best track to get you pumped up for a win is ‘Easy Money’.

The song is about a man’s love for gambling, whether it’s at the racetrack or at the casino, and we can’t help but resonate with every single lyric.