How to deposit with a Visa to play online blackjack

Aussie blackjack enthusiasts who want to play for real money with Visa credit will be happy to know this method is widely accepted. Visa is one of the fastest payment methods used by Australian players at online casinos and by using Visa credit Aussies can play online blackjack quicker.

Who can use Visa credit to fund their online casino account?

Anyone who has a Visa credit card can make a deposit with real AUD money as long as they know they’re limits and of course their financial institution which has issued the Visa accepts gambling transactions. Visa is one of the most used deposit methods due to its rapid processing time, level of security in place, and of course the ability to spend money that you don’t have right now but will in the future.

The latter point is key: if you aren’t sure you will be getting any money in the future, it might be best to choose another method so you aren’t left in debt as you can spend money that isn’t there with Visa credit.

The reason credit cards by Visa are so widely accepted is because the company has been around for over 50 years, and it is a dominant payment method online and offline for Australian customers. For online casinos who believe customer service is paramount, which are generally the most reputable, they accept Visa credit for both deposits and even withdrawals which some reputable credit cards don’t.

MasterCard credit vs Visa credit

MasterCard is just as popular for Aussies in terms of credit card payment methods however we believe Visa credit is better when playing blackjack, or any casino game, online. This is because while players can use MasterCard credit to make deposits, we can’t always use it for withdrawals at some online casinos and we have to find another method.

On the other hand, Visa credit allows us to make both deposits and withdrawals with all the information stored without having to alternate between methods and filling out information again and again making it easier and more convenient for Australian blackjack players.

Since the information is being stored, although you can opt out of this but you will have to click this option manually, you will want to ensure you are playing at a reputable online casino which accepts Visa credit.

Reputable Visa credit online casinos to play blackjack

Finding a reputable Internet casino which offers Visa credit is probably the most important aspect online blackjack players to know. By storing your card number and other financial details on the online casino you are trusting that they will handle your information with care and will not let any third parties access it, nor allow for any fraudulent behaviour to occur.

Aussie players should keep an eye out for the gaming license from a safe jurisdiction as well as a testing agency such as eCOGRA to ensure transactions are being monitored and are safe. All of our recommended online casinos offer these services, meaning when players use Visa credit, their information is safe.

How to use Visa credit to play real money 21

Now that you know where to play blackjack online with real money safely, players need to know how to make deposits and withdrawals so they can play and potentially win real AUD money. The process may vary from online casino to online casino however it is ultimately quite similar and our step by step guide makes it that much easier.

  1. Sign up for the online casino using your real name and personal details for identification purposes when making a deposit.
  2. Head to the banking page and click on either the deposit or withdrawal link.
  3. Enter the amount next to the Visa credit option you wish to deposit or withdraw.
  4. Click on any bonuses you wish to add on with your deposit and press next. For withdrawals skip this step.
  5. Enter the name on your Visa credit, the card number, expiry date, the CVV which is the three digit security number on the back of the card, and whether or not you want the online casino to remember your details the next time you make a deposit or withdrawal.
  6. Click submit and provided your financial institution accepts gambling transactions your payment will be processed instantaneously.
  7. Some financial institutions, not the online casinos or the Visa company itself, incur a fee when making deposits so be sure to read the terms and conditions of your card issuer carefully.

Australian banks which charge for using Visa credit

Although Visa doesn’t charge for gambling transactions, some Australian financial institutions do as they treat this type of payment activity as advanced cash transactions and these have an interest rate attached to them.

You will have to read the terms and conditions of your bank’s issued Visa card; however, we have listed the ones that do incur a fee at the cash advance rate.

  • ANZ
  • The Commonwealth Bank
  • HSBC
  • NAB
  • St.George
  • Westpac

Additionally, there are financial institutions which do not permit gambling transactions on their Visa credit cards at all. This includes Citibank, who also provide their services to Virgin, Suncorp, and more which means these do not accept gambling transactions.

If you do attempt to use your Visa credit card which isn’t accepted, the worst that will happen is you will be denied and your funds will not go through. You may however be able to use your credit card but you will most likely be charged the advanced cash rate fee. If you find this is the case and you have no idea why, contact your financial institution instead of the online casino to find out more.

Min and max limits of Visa credit deposits at online casinos

Our recommended online casinos have data encryption technology which is on par with financial institutions and reputable online shopping sites so all you have to worry about is how much you can deposit and withdraw. Royal Vegas online casino has a $10 minimum limit when making a deposit with Visa credit which is actually smaller than some other online casinos. Additionally there is no maximum deposit limit which could come in handy for those high rollers out there – so play high-stakes blackjack at only our recommended sites so you don’t run into any deposit limitations.

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