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No download Flash roulette is becoming a standard offering at most online casinos. Just because instant play gaming is available doesn’t mean it’s the same at all these sites, though. This page discusses what Flash games are and which companies offer the best support for such games. It also discusses the process of using them, what the trade-offs for browser-based gaming are, and whether it’s better than fully downloaded software or not.

What Are Flash Games?

“Flash” games run on a platform designed by a company named Adobe. You might have heard of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat used to read pdf files. The company invented the PDF or “Portable Document Format” in 1993, and it’s become important for everything from e-publishing to family ancestry research. The Adobe company, based out of San Jose, California, has released web design programs like Dreamweaver, Muse, Catalyst, and Edge. It’s produced visual editing software like Prelude, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. It produced the eLearning software Captivate. But it’s Flash which is important to online gambling. The software was actually designed by Macromedia, which then was bought by Adobe.

Early online gambling sites required a software download. A person would download and install the software and click on the icon (probably on the PC desktop) every time they wanted to gamble. With Flash games, no download is required. Instead, you gamble inside your web browser. This saves space on your hard drive (or in the cloud), but it does several other things which you might find important.

Why Play Browser-Based Games?

While the fully downloaded software works just fine for Microsoft Windows users, it’s most useful for people who use alternative operating systems. If you own an Apple Mac or Apple Notebook computer, the typical casino software won’t be compatible with your computer. If you use a device with the Linux operating system, you’re even less likely to be able to use the software. Most everyone agrees these are great operating systems and might make a lot more sense than Windows, but that hardly helps when you can’t gamble online.

The Flash interface lets these users gamble in the web browser with no download. This means you are much less likely to have compatibility issues. Also, some gamblers might not want to have a casino download on their computer. Maybe their computer is in a public area and they don’t want anyone getting into their casino account. Maybe they have kids with access to their computer and they don’t want to explain to young children why Mommy or Daddy gambles. Maybe they have a spouse who frowns on the concept of Internet gambling. As you can see, an endless variety of reasons exist why someone might prefer to avoid the software download.

Do No-Download Games Work?

In the old days, the browser-based games didn’t have the same quality as the fully downloaded software. You might have delays or the graphics might not have been as vivid. Those days are long gone. In 2013, 2014, and beyond, gaming without a download is just as reliable. The graphics, sounds, music, and playability is excellent. The only drawback is, in certain casinos, not all of the games have been converted to Flash. For the most part, the table games have been. If you’re a pokies player and you want access to hundreds of Microgaming pokies titles, you might still want to download the software package. If you don’t, you’ll still have access to a large percentage of the titles, anyway.

In fact, we’ve seen where the opposite is true. We noticed recently at Vegas Palms Casino that you could play 34 different online scratchies titles if you chose the Flash games option, but only 11 or 12 of the scratch cards if you downloaded the software. As Bob Dylan once said, the times they are a-changing.

Where Can I Play Flash Roulette?

Go to any Microgaming casino and you can use the no-download, instant play roulette. Microgaming was the first company to design online gaming software in 1994. Twenty years later, Microgaming provides software support to more online gambling sites than any other company. They choose to use Flash roulette as their default no-download game option. Below are a few Microgaming casinos you might consider.

Is Royal Vegas Good for Australians?

Royal Vegas is listed on one authority site as the #4 online casino on the Internet and the #5 gambling site overall, out of 758 different websites which accept Australian players. It’s #1 in our opinion, because the casino uses Microgaming software, Adobe Flash tech for instant games, and is licensed in the gaming regulation hub of Malta.

Royal Vegas is safe, secure, and reputable. Most important for the roulette players reading this page, it offers nine different versions of roulette: European, European Gold, Multi-Wheel European Gold, French, French Gold, American, Royal Roulette (with a progressive jackpot), Multi-Player Diamond Edition, and Premier Roulette. Each of these provides a slightly different game dynamic. In some case, there’s nothing slight about the difference. Multi-Player Diamond Edition and Premier Edition are radically different versions of the game, though long time gamblers will find aspects of these games which might appeal to them more than the solitary online version they’re used to.

More Roulette Casinos of Note

If you don’t like Royal Vegas for some reason, try 7 Sultans, Platinum Play, or Vegas Palms. Each of these also use Adobe technology for their instant games. Each offers over 500 games apiece. All three are friendly to Australian players, meaning they accept Aussies and support the use of the Australian dollar as a default currency. If you prefer to gamble with an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, or Android smartphone, you should take a look at Platinum Play Mobile or Vegas Palms Mobile. These two casinos combine the reliability of the other casinos on this page with the ability to support the major mobile devices on the market. They mobile casinos might not support Flash games just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.