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‘Never play with scared money’ is an old saying which all casino players should abide by.

Players should never play if they are desperate to win as they will most likely lose. This view also applies in terms of players who don’t play roulette with enough money.

Why? Players who don’t play with enough money generally are hoping to make enough in order to play for longer and win bigger. Or they are unrealistic and believe they can make a huge profit from a small bet. This will most likely hinder play and create an unenjoyable experience for players.

This is why it is important to play roulette, online or offline, with a solid amount of money. For those who struggle, or just want to know why, we provide handy tips which can help all roulette players in the long run.

How to create a bankroll for roulette

Creating a bankroll so you can play roulette with enough money is a good idea since you could end up losing even more than planned if you go in thinking you can make a profit on a small amount of money.

Bankrolls are just set amounts which don’t leave you either in debt for players who use credit cards or deposit more than they realised, or with a shorter period of time to play.

Planning doesn’t pull money from nowhere to make the bankroll larger, but you can plan so that you save in advance in order to make your bankroll larger. Either way they are a good idea if you want to play roulette.

  1. First up, determine which game you are playing. We have gone into detail about the most common variations of roulette in order for players to coincide their bankroll with what game they have chosen to play.
  2. Decide on the period of time you plan to play roulette for. For example, some players might play over a month, while others may just have a set day per month. For a single day, there are many guides which recommend to figure out how much you want to win and times it by five in order to make a profit.
  3. For players who want to win $100, they will need to allocate $500 to play. However, some players only have $100 to play with meaning realistically you should only plan on hoping to win $20. This is where players go wrong as they think they can win $500 with a $100 bankroll so relying on this recommendation and making a bankroll is a good idea.
  4. If it’s too small in terms of how much you want to win it might be a good idea to start saving and waiting until your bankroll is bigger for a set time to play so you can have the best casino experience.

Know the rules before planning your bankroll

When it comes to roulette, there are a number of variations which are quite common both online and at land-based casinos. All games are played with a standard wheel with pockets which are numbered and a ball which when released spins around the wheel and determines the result by where it lands.

The difference in variations is some wheels, specifically the American wheels, have the addition of the double zero numbered pocket. European and French versions are numbered zero to 36 while American is double zero, as well as zero to 36.

While this doesn’t seem like a big difference it actually makes a huge impact to the house edge and the player’s odds and knowing this can help players determine how to make the most of their bankroll.

European Roulette – Featuring 37 pockets and just a single zero, this title is quite popular due to its house edge. It should be chosen over American roulette if possible at all times. European roulette has a house edge of 2.70% and is the friendliest option for players regardless of how much money they have.

American Roulette – American roulette has 38 pockets and a house edge of 5.26%. This is the highest house edge out of the three roulette variations due to that extra pocket. This means if you play with the same amount of money you would with European roulette, you are more likely to lose it faster.

French Roulette – Similar number pockets to European roulette but also features favourable rules for the player. If you make an even bet and use the La Partage rule, when the ball falls on zero you will only lose half your bet rather than the full wager. this is great for players who are new and stick to the even money bets.

If American roulette is the only title available, players should plan a larger bankroll for this title as the house odds are a lot worse than the other two variations. For players with a somewhat small bankroll, it might be better to play French roulette and make regular even money bets to make the bankroll last longer.

Should I stick to inside or outside bets with a small bankroll?

There are two types of bets when playing roulette, and these are known as inside and outside bets. The inside bets are literally located inside the betting layout on the table, while the outside bets are located on the outer side of the betting layout.

New players fall for the fact that inside bets have higher payouts than outside bets, but it is smarter to make wagers on outside bets as they are more likely to win.

Inside bets

There are a number of inside bets which include:

  • A single or a straight bet where players place a bet on just one number by putting the chip on the number.
  • A split bet where players wager on two numbers side by side, either vertically or horizontally, with the chip placed on the line that divides the two numbers.
  • A street bet is a wager on a horizontal line of three numbers with the chip put on the edge of the line.
  • A double street bet, also known as a six line bet, is where players make a wager on two street bets which are
    adjacent to one another.
  • A corner bet involves players wagering on four numbers in a square, with the chip placed on the intersecting horizontal and vertical lines.
  • The first four bet is where the play bets on the first four numbers – zero, one, two and three.
  • A trio bet where the chip is placed a point between zero, one, and two, or zero, two and, three.
  • A basket bet involves players betting on either zero, one and two, or double zero, two and three, (American roulette only), seeing the chip placed on the middle intersecting point where the three numbers meet.
  • The top line bet which is literally the top line of numbers including the single and double zero, one, two, and three (American Roulette only). Players place the chip either on the intersecting corner of the double zero and three, or the corner of the signal zero and one.

Outside bets

There aren’t as many outside bets as inside and they include:

  • The red or black bet which is literally placing the wager on the colour red or black.
  • Even or odd, similar to red or black, with players betting on whether the result will be an odd or an even number.
  • Dozen bets involve players betting on the first, second, or third dozen of 12 numbers. For example 1-12 (first), 13-24 (second), 25-36 (third).
  • 1-18 bet which involves players wagering that one of the first 18 numbers will appear.
  • 19-36 bet which is the same premise as the above bet with the last 18 numbers appearing.
  • The column bet where 12 numbers of any of the three vertical columns are wagered on by putting the chip below the last number of the column.

The payouts and odds of winning do depend on the game and variation you are playing. Regardless, outside bets have a higher probability of winning as opposed to inside bets. While inside bets do pay out at a higher rate, thus appealing to players, there is less chance players will win and therefore it’s a good idea to stick to making outside bets to make your bankroll last longer and in turn leave you playing without enough money.

How to play roulette with a small bankroll

If you can’t afford to play with a big bankroll, or you don’t have the patience to save up for a bigger amount of money to play roulette with, it’s possible to to play with a small amount of money with these helpful tips.

Play online roulette – Playing online means you get access to all the great sign up bonuses which brick and mortar casinos don’t have. This means you can increase your bankroll just by making a deposit. You aren’t getting something for nothing, as you do have to make a deposit and abide by the terms and conditions but if you pick a trustworthy online casino you will be more than likely able to double your bankroll to play Internet roulette with.

Play French, European, and American roulette in that order – As mentioned above American roulette has the highest house edge meaning you aren’t going to win as regularly as you can with European and French. Since French roulette has the popular La Partage rule, opt for the French variation especially if you are more inclined to bet on an even money bet or if you are new to the game.

Lower the house edge – Playing roulette in a way that lowers the house edge is ideal for every player, but those with a smaller bank roll will find it especially rewarding. For players who enjoy streaks of small wins and can handle streaks of small losses, consistent even money bets are a good choice, while betting on single numbers is ideal for risk-takers, but it is a good idea to only put a small amount on this type of bet. Additionally, while it is best to choose European or French roulette for the lowest edge, if you are stuck playing American then avoid the top line bet at all costs as it has the highest house edge on a roulette bet at 8%.

Don’t rely on a betting system – For players with a smaller bankroll, there’s less room for mistakes in terms of trying out strategies and therefore using a betting system, which don’t really account for major losses, can see players out of pocket faster than expected. If you are going to use a betting system, ensure you do your research and know exactly how to use it otherwise silly mistakes can easily be made.

How to make a deposit online for Internet roulette

If you have decided to play online to take advantage of the sign up bonuses which ultimately may make your bankroll, small or big, last longer, it is important to know how to make a deposit.

Sign up using your real name, address and age in order to use real money at a reputable online casino. If players use false information, there can be trouble when confirming identity which is required to make withdrawals. Once you have signed up, go to the baking page, pick your preferred payment method to make a deposit and confirm.

There are a number of payment methods available for Aussies and they will be processed accordingly. Once they have cleared, your bankroll will appear in your online casino account and you will be able to play online roulette.