Why Is Roulette So Enjoyable To Play?

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It’s no secret we love roulette. Whenever we visit our local casino on a big night out, the first thing we always do is head straight for the little wheel. All of those flashing lights of the pokie machines and even the alluring intensity of the blackjack tables can wait, because nothing can ever replace the raw thrill in winning a spin on our favourite numbers with luck on our side.

But if we’re being honest, it’s been years since we favoured travelling to the casino over playing roulette in the comfort of our own homes. Roulette lovers like us have been spoiled with choice thanks to the web; while it’s safe to say we still love playing roulette at our local casino, we love playing it whenever we want on our computers and mobiles a whole lot more.

So, why are so many thrilled to play roulette? Here are some of the biggest reasons.

Choose Your Own Stakes

One of our favourite things about online roulette is its wider range of bet limits for players. Whatever size bankroll we have, Internet roulette is a lot more flexible in catering to our personal limits than the typical land-based casino.

Rarely, for example, will we ever hope to find a $1 roulette table on a night out — the house wants you to spend as much as possible and will rarely lower the minimum wager below $5 on outside, and that’s fair enough. In comparison, we’re guaranteed to find literally thousands of $1 Internet roulette games available online — and probably have to struggle on which one to choose! Many players like to play with smaller bets and web casino operators recognise and facilitate this.

The restriction on $5 minimum wagers on outside bets are largely discarded, and sometimes we can even make bets of 50 cents or less. This means we have more control over how much money we gamble with and also lets us play longer with a smaller amount of money.

Play For Free

We tend to forget that many newcomers to the casino would love to be able to learn roulette at their own pace and practice for free before wagering real money down on the tables. Not everyone is willing to bet their hard-earned cash in a game they don’t fully understand and some people learn more by playing rather than watching, and some people take a lot more time to learn the ropes and feel confident.

Internet casinos offer a staggering amount of sites that allow you to play at a virtual roulette table for free if you just like to play for fun or to hone your skills further with extensive practice. Forget the pressure; you can play in your own time, privately, whenever you want with Internet roulette.

Play at Multiple Casinos Simultaneously

Not even the best multi-tasker can play at two casinos or two games at once. If you have two favourite hot-spots to hit the tables but always struggle on which one to choose, your dilemma is usually down to a flip of a coin.

With online roulette, we can have our cake and eat it too and try out as many casinos as we want without having to limit ourselves, and we can even play tables from multiple sites at the same time. Because we can set the pace of play and not have to worry about other players, we can take as much time as we want.

Play Whenever and Wherever You Want

Not everyone has a casino within driving distance, and it’s easy to forget the massive convinence online roulette has brought us in terms of saving us time and effort. Travel expenses are a thing of the past; if we want to play a quick game when we have some free time, there is nothing stopping us but a quick login to the home computer or laptop.

Another thing we tend to take for granted is we can spend the appropriate amount of time we want when placing bets online. If we can’t sleep or want to play at weird hours, a game of web roulette is just a few clicks away and is especially perfect for a quiet night in, as travelling all the way to our closest casino can sometimes make us feel like we need to make sizeable bets to justify the trip or night out. Sometimes I’ve just wanted to throw a few quick $10 bets on red because it’s my lucky colour. Web roulette helps us save money we would have normally wagered away at the casino just for the sake of being there.

Rewards Are Tracked

A big incentive of playing at a live casino is the comp points on our loyalty or V.I.P. cards we can stack up when we play and win big. Accomodation, drinks, private rooms, free meals — these things are great bonuses, but what if we forget our membership card, or the casino staff forget to count our last big win?

Online roulette sites side-step this problem and tracks every single wager we make through their dedicated in-house software. Everything is organised better and we can be sure our rewards will be accurately and consistently tallied up.

Find Your Table Type Easy

Whatever tables are available at your chosen land-based casino is what you’re stuck with. If you want to play at a European or French table and your casino only offers American roulette, we just have to suck it up and play with an increased house edge thanks to the big bad double-zero.

With online roulette, we side-step these unnecessary problems and have a choice to play the variants we want with little to no restrictions — favourable La Partage rules with single-zero table is just a few clicks away!