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If you’re an Australian, and you’re looking for where to play roulette online, you have several things to consider. These all relate to how well various sites are able to cater to your specific needs, as opposed to those of a UK player or a player from the United States. The purpose of this page is to provide our observations and analysis about choosing a site at which to play.

How Are You Planning to Play?

For the better part of the last two decades, when people wanted to play casino games online, they played on a desktop computer. Later, laptops became popular too, but now, a whole new change is brewing. Tables, cell phones, and other mobile devices are becoming the wave of the future.

One of the first considerations when choosing an online roulette site is how well it supports the device you’re planning to use. If you’re using a PC or even a Mac, you’ll be fine at almost any casino. If you’re using an Android phone, an iPad, or a Windows based tablet, then your choices might be more limited. Almost all of the websites we recommend work well no matter what device you’re using to access the Internet.

Currency Considerations

One thing to make sure of before settling on where you’re going to play is that the casino accepts and process deposits and withdrawals in Australian dollars. Currency exchanges always cost money, and it’s hard to keep up with what the rates are, so do yourself a favor and play at a casino which doesn’t make you worry about such matters. All of the roulette sites we mention on this page work with the Australian dollar.

Banking Methods

Different people are comfortable with different means of transacting business on the Internet. Some people won’t put a credit card or debit card on the Internet to save their lives. In their case, other, more creative deposit methods must be used. Online wallet services exist, the most famous of which is PayPal, but some specialize in gaming sites. Many casinos also accept electronic checks for deposit purposes.

Take a quick look at the deposits and withdrawals page of any online casino you’re considering before you decide whether or not to download the software. What you’re looking for is choice. A good casino offers multiple options to both deposit and withdraw your money.

Safety and Security

Another consideration is how safe you feel playing at a given website. If your intuition tells you that you’re uncomfortable with something about the site’s presentation, trust your feelings and move on to another site.

You should also look for the information about where the site is licensed. The safest online roulette sites to do business with are those who are licensed by reputable governments, usually in or near the UK or Canada. Malta is a popular and safe country which licenses and regulates online casinos.

One thing you shouldn’t worry about is whether or not the casino is going to cheat at roulette. The game has a mathematical advantage built in, so casino sites don’t waste any time with dishonest tricks related to rigging the random number generator program. You can feel safe at almost all Internet based casinos that you’ll be playing a mathematically fair game.

You will occasionally hear about “rogue casinos”. Obviously, you should avoid rogue casinos, but take some of these “warnings” with a grain of salt. Sometimes players are frustrated with a casino because they’ve done something illicit themselves, and the casino is denying their payout on those grounds.

In fact, the most common complaint you’ll see about any gaming site is difficulty getting your winnings paid out. The casinos we recommend on this page pay out quickly. They also offer 24/7 customer service, which gives you the opportunity to follow up on any issues related to your winnings.

Microgaming Roulette Casinos

We recommend playing at a specific group of casinos which are powered by Microgaming software. This group is called the Fortune Lounge Group, and they consist of 4 casinos:

  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Platinum Play Casino
  • Vegas Palms Casino
  • 7 Sultans Casino

All of these sites meet the criteria we recommend above. They’re all licensed in Malta, they all accept multiple commonly-used deposit methods, and they all offer gaming in Australian dollars.

The roulette games available include both single zero and double zero roulette, but you should never play the game with the double zero. There’s never any advantage in doing so, and the house edge on all of the bets on a double zero roulette game is twice as high as on the single zero game.

One interesting option at these casinos is a progressive jackpot version of the game called Roulette Royale. In this version of the game, you have an opportunity to win an ever-growing jackpot, just like you would if you were playing a progressive pokies machine game.

Another interesting option is the option of playing with a live dealer via webcam. A lot of players are fond of dealing with an actual croupier, even if she’s located far away. Some people feel like the results of an actual physical wheel differ somewhat from that of a random number generator, so the live dealer games make them more comfortable. We know better, but if it makes you more comfortable to play with the live dealer, go for it.

Roulette Bonuses

Online casinos offer generous signup bonuses, but they have requirements in place to keep canny punters from taking advantage of these offers and guaranteeing themselves a profit. Usually they require a player to wager their deposit plus their bonus a certain number of times before cashing out.

The only catch that might concern a roulette player is that roulette bets don’t count toward these wagering requirements. The safest thing to do with that bonus money is to spend it on the pokies. You’ll enjoy the break from the spinning wheel, and you’ll also have no trouble when cashing out.