Android roulette apps

The game of roulette is a fun, fast paced and exciting pastime all over the world–especially in Australia. Though the game traces its origins back to France and has two main versions: the European, single zero version and the American, double zero version, its popularity is impossible to dispute in the land down under.

One reason for roulette and most other gambling games becoming so pervasive around the world is the proliferation of gaming online. One of the best, most accessible online gambling casino groups is the Fortune Lounge Group of casinos, whose list of online casinos includes Vegas Palms, 7Sultans, Royal Vegas and Platinum Play. With this online group of casinos that a player can spend countless hours of fun playing all types of digital roulette.

Another major reason why roulette has become so popular throughout the world is because of mobile device apps, and for the game of roulette, there are dozens upon dozens of roulette apps for all of the various brands of mobile devices on the market today. One of the mobile devices that features some of the best apps on the market today is the Android.

Android roulette apps vary in price and type of play, as well as style and overall design. But before we delve into the various Android roulette apps, however, here’s a bare bones rundown of how roulette is played. By and large, roulette features two types of game, the American version and the European version. The American roulette wheel has two zero slots on it while the European wheel only has one.

There are several different ways of betting on roulette, but basically, you can bet by color, a bet whose odds are much safer for the player, or by specific number, a bet whose odds of winning are much lower for the player.

Most of these apps emulate the actual game of roulette with features such as American or European style play, as well as in type of bet. Following is a list of some of the best roulette apps for the Android and their basic stats.

Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is a completely free app, and once you start playing, there is no actual money involved in the gambling process. It features a virtual room that mirrors a real casino, and as a player, you have the opportunity to acquire virtual chips which are shared across many sessions of play.

Roulette Royale also features computerized “bots” that play along with you, as well as a display board that tells you, as the player, how all of the other players are doing through the most recent results. Another neat feature of this game is that you can invite your Facebook friends to play with you online.

The app also features hi-def graphics, and a virtual store containing items that you can “buy” with your winnings, and these include anything from fancy watches to a virtual trip to space. All you have to do to acquire items is cash in your chips. Within this app there are also fun little details such as realistic casino sounds emanating throughout your play experience.

The Roulette

This app available for the Android features the same type of realistic roulette play that is offered in real casinos. And just like Roulette Royale, you simply only need to log in through Facebook to have that full online experience in real time.

This app also features some interesting ways of playing the game. For instance, you can have a roulette party with your friends in which all of you join the same table and keep track of each other’s stats and winnings. Or, you can play by getting your fortune, which basically means that you pick, for example, your favorite number and color, wish for it and make a bet. Also, you can sharpen your skills with this game through daily trainings wherein you try to guess the right number to come up without actually betting. This will help to blossom what this app refers to as your sixth sense.

Live Roulette

This is an interesting app because its main function is for you, the player, to play roulette live with actual dealers. The way this works is that you go through SKY TV 863 and then play and chat with live dealers.

This app is free and your initial chip count will begin at $100, but the sky is the limit for the amount of chips you can ultimately win. In this game, there are three roulette tables you can choose from. There is the live dealer roulette, which airs from out of London from 9:00 GMT to 6:00 GMT. Then there are two air-powered roulette tables which are available all hours of the day.

This app does have some complaints within its reviews, however. One user says on its site: “Can’t use half the time. Times I try to use it I can’t because the value of the chips go to 0 and stay that way for ages.” This particular user then goes on to give the app one out of five stars. However, the aggregate rating for this game is 4.3 out of five stars.

Roulette Live

In this app, made by the same people who made Live Blackjack21 and Pro, the main goal is to provide a truly casino-like experience that truly emulates the game of roulette. It features American and European style games, as well as all of the bets that go along with those games. The game also has an online feature wherein you can play with up to six other players, and there is even a virtual cocktail lounge where you can buy drinks and chat with other players.

The game features daily chips for free as well as virtual presents ranging from different types of sandwiches to sunglasses that you can buy with acquired diamonds. You can also private IM chat with different players.