Credit and debit card regulated deposits

Credit, debit and prepaid card deposits at regulated online casinos are some of of the safest possible ways to deposit on the Web; we cover the most popular brands of regulated cards, as well as how to deposit with ease.

Best cards to deposit with at regulated casinos

The following brands are the safest options to use when making a deposit with credit, debit or prepaid cards due to their reputation and integration of security technology.

This technology is called 3D secure, which means ‘Three Domain Secure’. This security technology was introduced by the following card brands, as it is quite difficult to confirm the identity of the cardholder so extra measures allow online outlets, such as online casinos to confirm and verify transactions.


Visa offers a credit, debit and prepaid card that can be used both online and offline, though it developed a reputation due to land-based outlets prior to becoming a poplar online choice.

When Visa went online, it quickly grew in popularity as one of the best credit, debit, and prepaid options to pay for goods and services, and of course deposit at regulated online casinos with. The payment method is now recognised worldwide as one of the safest online payment methods.

Visa implements two features that make depositing online even more secure, though you do need to sign up for one.

Visa CVV: Also known as the CVC, this three digit security code is located on the back of your Visa card (regardless if it is a credit, debit or prepaid card) and is entered along with your card details (name on card, card number, and expiry date) when making a deposit. You can then opt to store your card with the regulated web casino and the next time you make a deposit all you have to do is enter the security code.

Verified by Visa: This security feature is yet another layer of protection for the very secure payment option, but you need to opt in at your local branch or online to activate it.

You will then receive an extra password to use when making a deposit that only you know (keep this in a safe place) and is separate to your card details, so if someone does steal your card they won’t be able to use it online as they won’t know the password.

Verified by Visa only works for Visa credit and debit cards, and not Visa prepaid cards.


MasterCard offers credit, debit and prepaid cards all available to make deposits with at regulated Internet casinos. MasterCard has also developed a solid reputation worldwide both online and at land-based outlets.

MasterCard CVV: Similar to Visa cards, all MasterCards have a three digit security code on the back which needs to be entered when making a deposit. You can opt to store your MasterCard at online casinos too and will only be required to enter your CVV when topping up.

SecureCode: SecureCode by MasterCard is similar to Verified by Visa in that it is an extra layer of security that you have to sign up for. You will receive a private password that you need to keep in a safe place to use when completing purchases, or depositing at online casinos.

This means even if someone does get a hold of your MasterCard, they can’t complete any purchases online without the SecureCode. SecureCode only works with MasterCard credit and debit cards, but not MasterCard prepaid cards.


Maestro is owned by MasterCard, and therefore garners the same reputation, though it only offers debit cards. Maestro is quite popular in Europe as the main debit card option, and is quite often accepted at regulated web casinos.

Maestro features both the three digit code on the back and the SecureCode security feature MasterCard offers, which we detailed above.

Differences in security features of credit, debit and prepaid cards

Debit and prepaid cards both prevent you from spending money that you don’t have by simply denying any transaction when you have insufficient funds. Credit cards, however, will spend as much as you enter, regardless if you don’t have it. So it is best to only spend the amount you can pay back if you have a credit card.

Verified by Visa security at regulated casinosAdditionally, it is a good idea to get the extra layer of protection for credit cards (though we recommend getting it for all cards, with prepaid cards excluded) because if someone does steal your card they won’t be able to rack up a huge bill.

Although you can’t get the extra security layer that credit and debit cards are eligible for, prepaid cards prevent your personal bank from being drained as you have to load these with a certain amount, which is generally limited, and they are disposable once used.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preferences and whether your financial institution accepts gambling transactions, when deciding how to deposit at regulated Internet casinos.

How to make a deposit online with a regulated card

The depositing process is very similar regardless which brand of card you have or what type of card you have, though they aforementioned brands are best as they are regulated and widely accepted.

Head to one of our safe online casinos we have listed that are regulated so your financial and personal details are safe, then sign up or log in. Then go to the banking page and opt for the appropriate credit, debit, or prepaid category if separate, or just the one category if they’re all grouped together.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit, the name on your card, the card number, the expiry date, the CVV, and any extra passwords if you have the extra security feature activated. Enter ‘Account Holder’ or ‘Valued Cardholder’ if you have a prepaid card.

Press confirm, and provided the information is correct your funds will be processed instantaneously.

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